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The Probe of English Teaching in Art Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.027


Ren Huiling

Corresponding Author

Ren Huiling


With the development of international culture, economy, trade connection and art communication, Chinese need pour more attention into the education, especially English teaching in college or university education. Because English teaching will promote the students’ international communication abilities and give them insights into the world and obtain more chances for major learning and so on ,as well as the art universities. The art universities have faced more chances and challenges in modern society and how should they hold the chances and produce more famous works to service the world? How about their current situation of the English education? This paper mean to research the current situation of English teaching in art universities and sum up the results and lessons, then give ways to deal with their problems.


English teaching, Art university, Curriculum, Teaching method, Textbook