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An Examination of English Majors’ Literary Reading Ability and the Cultivation of Their Patriotism

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.019


Liu Xiaolin

Corresponding Author

Liu Xiaolin


165 English majors from a secondary college in east China were selected to be in this study for an investigation of their literature literacy and reading ability. After an analysis of the English majors’ literature reading, i.e. their literature literacy, reading interest, reading habits and the barriers for them) , this study focuses on examining the factors that interfere in the improvement of the English majors’ literature reading ability, attempting to stimulate their intrinsic motivation of literature reading, to cultivate their patriotism and explore an effective way out of English literature teaching dilemma by regulating the reading contents, and changing the teaching methods and evaluation mechanism in the future.


English majors, literature literacy, literary reading ability, regulation strategies, reading intrinsic motivation, patriotism