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Research on the Development of Normal School Students' Teaching Design and Implementation Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.015


Qu Jianguo, Li Jiao

Corresponding Author

Qu Jianguo


Teaching design and implementation ability is the basic professional ability of teachers cultivated by education. Through the survey of 513 normal students, it is found that the normal students' instructional design and implementation capabilities have the following characteristics. The overall ability is above the average level; there are significant differences in grades, whether they have passed the national teacher qualification examination, and the length of internship; there is a gender difference in teaching implementation ability, and boys score lower than girls; teaching design ability and implementation ability are highly positively correlated. Curriculum system, national teacher qualification examination, length of internship, gender, etc. are important factors that affect the development of teachers’ teaching design and implementation ability.


Normal students, teaching design ability, teaching implementation ability, teacher qualification examination