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Research on the Relationship between College Students' Face Perception and Career Expectation

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.013


Qu Jianguo, Wang Fang

Corresponding Author

Qu Jianguo


A survey of 779 college students and 72 college graduates was conducted using the face perception questionnaire and career expectations scale. The results show that the overall level of college students' face perception is average, and urban students show a stronger perception of positive face (with face) than rural students; college students' overall career expectation level is higher (girls are higher), especially the occupational self-development space; College students' negative face (no face) perception and career expectations are lower than graduates. The face perception of college students has a low positive correlation with their career expectations, and the face recognition has a limited role in regulating career expectations.


College students, face perception, career expectations, values