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A study on the application of empathy technology of dance movement therapy in college students with mild depression

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.009


Liu Yan, Wu Ya-fen

Corresponding Author

Wu Ya-fen


College students are in the stage of transition from youth to adulthood, which is the key period of transition from youth to adulthood. Their psychological endurance, values and outlook on life are not mature yet, which is easy to cause psychological problems. In the west, depression is often called "emotional cold", which is very common in people. Depression affects the learning enthusiasm and life attitude of college students. The long-term existence of depression leads to college students in a negative emotional state, which damages their physical and mental health, reduces their learning enthusiasm and interpersonal barriers, and has adverse effects on their mental health. Therefore, it is very important to intervene these depression emotions in time.


Dance movement therapy, Empathy technology, Mild depression, College Students