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Analysis on the predicament and development trend of the construction of educational economy and management

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.005


Han Ruijuan, Gao Jinchao

Corresponding Author

Han Ruijuan


After a short period of more than ten years of construction, as a new interdisciplinary subject subordinate to the first level of public management, it has made some achievements in pedagogy, educational economics, educational management and other major research fields. Based on the in-depth analysis of the constraints on the development of the discipline, it is found that the discipline is restricted by the factors such as immature internal development, weak independence, employment difficulties and so on. This paper attempts to put forward feasible development strategies such as standardizing the Discipline Paradigm Research, combining the multi-disciplinary teaching vision, strengthening the discipline setting and management, so as to promote the progress of the construction and development of the discipline of education economy and management.


Education economy and management, Predicament, Development strategy