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Analysis of the Restriction Factors on Rural Economic Development Based on the Direction of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.153


Wei Liang

Corresponding Author

Wei Liang


Under the background of rural reconstruction, it effectively promotes the stable development of China's rural economy, but also reminds us of the problems related to rural economic development and its development trajectory. Under the guidance of the rural revitalization policy, we should actively face our own problems, conduct research and improvement, and study solutions to make the rural economy develop faster. Focusing on the strategy of rural revitalization, this paper expounds the current situation and existing problems of China's rural economic development, and puts forward solutions to relevant problems in order to make rural economic development more modernized. For rural revitalization, the industrial prosperity should be the priority.


Rural revitalization, Economic development, Present situation and countermeasures, Strategy of rural revitalization, Agricultural and rural economy