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The Application of Students' Standardized Patients on the Teaching of Traditional Chinese Orthopedics and Its Effect of Increasing Learning Interest

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.152


Zhaoyang Niu

Corresponding Author

Zhaoyang Niu


Objective: To analyze the application of students' standardized patients in the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics and its effect on increasing interest in learning. Method: Select 80 students of 2019 Chinese medicine major in our college as the research object, and use random list method to divide all students into a control group and an observation group, each group of 40 students, the control group students receive traditional teaching, observation group Students accept the standardized patient teaching model. Results: The recognition rate of students in the observation group for students to standardize patient teaching models, to consolidate theoretical knowledge, to improve clinical thinking skills, to cultivate hands-on skills, to improve communication skills, and to increase income from work-study programs was higher than that of the control group. <0.05); The observation score of the observation group students is (81.62±8.05), the clinical skill assessment score is (85.84±8.37), and the total score is (83.62±8.15), which is compared with the assessment score of the control group. Statistically significant (P<0.05); the proportion of students in the observation group interested in learning was 100.00%, higher than the proportion of students in the control group interested in learning (82.50%), and the difference in data between the groups was significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: By implementing the standardized patient teaching model for students, it can improve the teaching quality of TCM orthopaedics, significantly improve the students’ interest in learning and academic performance, and have high application value.


Orthopedics and traumatology of traditional chinese medicine, Standardized patients of students, Teaching, Learning interest