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Effects of Tourism Disturbance on Plant Species Diversity and Soil Physicochemical Properties in Wulingyuan World Heritage Reserve

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.151


Ting Wang, Hongyan Jiang, Changguo Xiang

Corresponding Author

Ting Wang


Based on the investigation and analysis of plant species diversity and soil physical and chemical properties in Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage site by distance sampling method, the results show that with the increase of vertical distance, the plant species diversity increases, the biological dominance decreases, the species richness increases, and the distribution uniformity increases; with the rise of the travel grade, the plant species diversity and the soil physical and chemical properties decrease.Also,Besides, the plant species diversity increased and then decreased, the ecological evenness decreased and then increased, the species richness first increased and then reduced, and the distribution evenness first increased and then dropped, which conforms to the hypothesis of moderate interference; the plant species diversity also has a correlation with the physical and chemical properties of soil, and has mutual influence.


Disturbance of tourism, Diversity of plant species, Soil properties, Conservation of resources, Wulingyuan