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Study on the Xiejia of Xunhua Office in the Qing Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.143


Peng Gao

Corresponding Author

Peng Gao


In the north-western region of the Qing dynasty, the Xunhua office, with Tibetans as the main body, set up many Xiejia. Based on the special social environment, it was used as a medium for trade between different ethnic groups and was endowed with multiple government functions to achieve national power to control of grassroots society, this kind of institution setting different from the mainland which can be regarded as a unique phenomenon in ethnic areas. This article explores the origin, type, function and other aspects of Xiejia of Xunhua office in order to better understand the northwest of the Qing dynasty grassroots society in ethnic areas.


Qing dynasty, Xunhua office, Xiejia, Social function