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Analysis on the Competitiveness of Domestic Sports Tourism Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.140


Jia Tang, Luqiu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jia Tang


Sports tourism is a very meaningful topic. It is becoming more and more popular and gradually becoming a very attractive leisure lifestyle. Nowadays, sports tourism in various countries of the world has risen rapidly. People have come to sports tourism destinations from all directions. In sports tourism, people can experience thrills and excitement, they can also feel elegant classics, they can also appreciate the charm of high-end technology, and even taste the essence of national flavor. Sports tourism enriches people's life content and broadens people's leisure in highlighting their unique activities. Sports tourism consumption has gradually become the highlight of tourism market consumption, and it has also become a trend of sports market consumption. The sports tourism industry is an emerging industry. The competitiveness of the sports tourism industry is taken as a research object for systematic and comprehensive analysis. At present, there is no unified theoretical framework and scientific and complete evaluation index system. In this study, the “diamond model” analysis of industrial competitiveness is used as a theoretical analysis framework, and the use of literature methods, expert interviews, and Delphi methods to conduct a more in-depth study on the competitiveness of China's sports tourism industry.


Competitiveness study, Domestics sports tourism industry, Economy level