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Study on the Professional Qualities of Suona Musicians in National Orchestras and Chamber Music--Some Thoughts on Suona Professional Teaching to Cultivate Students' Playing Accomplishment

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.139


Lei Yan

Corresponding Author

Lei Yan


For a long time in the past, in the field of suona professional education, education experts and students have paid more attention to the improvement of performance techniques and the control of the details of music processing. It can be said that contemporary suona art has passed from generation to generation of predecessors and experts and all practitioners. Under the efforts of learners and learners, it has been perfected. However, the problem that gradually emerged with the performance practice is that not all professional colleges of Suona majors can meet the performance requirements of ethnic orchestras or chamber orchestras. A considerable part of the professional music colleges' Suona professional graduates may have excellent performance skills, but in orchestras with teamwork as their primary task, various problems may occur that affect the performance level and performance of the work. The reason is that these performers have not paid enough attention to the improvement of their professional qualities in the professional learning process, so that the professional qualities are slightly missing. In the current current music vocational education process, the discussion or cultivation of playing ability has received enough sufficient attention, but for another important factor that determines the future career height of students-the professional quality of professional musicians, but there is no very systematic and standardized research or explanation. Therefore, this article will explain the professional literacy training of suona musicians in national orchestras and chamber music players from six aspects: musical instrument playing ability, timbre control ability, role conversion awareness, conductor watching ability, team collaboration ability, and on-site adaptability. The direction provides a reference for the teaching and learning of Suona professional teachers and students in the majority of music schools and secondary vocational schools.


Suona musicians, National orchestras, Chamber music