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The Influence of Big Data on the Education Management of Local Universities in China and the Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.136


Zhang Guangyun

Corresponding Author

Zhang Guangyun


In recent years, with the continuous development of various industries in the society, the country's demand for talents has continued to increase, and at the same time, it has raised the standards for talents. On the basis of having certain professional knowledge, it is necessary to be able to apply the knowledge learned in practice. This is also one of the important reasons for the continuous expansion of the scale of local colleges and universities. In the era of big data, in order to be able to cultivate more application-oriented talents for the country, local colleges and universities should make corresponding reforms to adapt to the changes of the times and deal with the problems arising in the process of education management.


Big data, Local universities, Education management, Influence