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Research on Digital Media Application Technology Course System Based on Vr Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.135


Chaolin Li, Haofeng Li, Mingyao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chaolin Li


Now that the teaching reform work is constantly advancing, teachers in various professional disciplines are exploring new teaching methods. Digital media application technology is a new professional discipline born in the development of the information age. Teachers can use virtual reality (VR) technology to teach in some course content according to the characteristics of the profession in the teaching process. VR technology is a new method of human-computer interaction. Relying on computer software technology and the latest sensor technology, the course content and VR technology are effectively combined. The immersive method is used to optimize the course content, and a more intuitive learning experience is provided to cultivate new Provide a guarantee for a generation of application-oriented and compound talents. This article will explore the characteristics of digital media application technology courses and discuss how to introduce VR technology.


Vr technology, Digital media application technology major, Curriculum system