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Analysis on the Cultivation of Creative Thinking in the Teaching of Production and Education and Product Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.132


Xiaoxiao Cao, Xiaoyang Hu, Han Yongxue

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Cao


The practical activity of product design has high requirements for talents' innovative consciousness and creative ability. In the process of product design teaching, teachers should pay attention to cultivating students' creative thinking, and set a more specific training model based on this. In this process, modern design methods should be introduced to stimulate students' creative potential. In addition, there are many product design majors currently seeking a training model of school-enterprise cooperation. In this process, the integration of industry and education has become a new teaching concept, which does not solve the key points and difficulties in teaching and helps students form creative thinking. Based on this, this article will discuss the two aspects of the integration of production and education, product design teaching, how to cultivate students' creative thinking, and put forward specific strategies.


Integration of industry and education, Product design teaching, Creative thinking