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The infiltration and alienation of cyber language in Higher Vocational College Campus Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.48


Zhang Chaomin

Corresponding Author

ZHANG Chaomin


Network language is the product of the rapid development of information technology. As a virtual language, network language is more concise, variable, innovative, popular, interesting or vulgar. School of higher vocational colleges is one of the main recipients of network information, network language has become the common language of them, if not handled correctly the alienation phenomenon of network language and culture, it is easy to cause a negative impact on the growth of higher vocational students in higher vocational colleges, thus strengthening the network language specification construction and monitoring mechanism, has important significance. This paper first analyzes the characteristics of the network language, and in the new period network language permeation in Higher Vocational Colleges in the culture and alienation phenomenon are analyzed, and finally puts forward the countermeasures to face up to the network language alienation, to create a harmonious campus culture.


Network language, higher vocational colleges, infiltration, alienation.