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Management of High-Asset Instruments and Equipment Based on Lora Technology and Rfid Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.111


Yujun Han

Corresponding Author

Yujun Han


The management of high-asset training equipment and how to improve its use efficiency is a problem for schools. Schools mostly use manual statistical input to conduct asset inventory and use management, and lack effective data support. This article is based on the management of high-asset instruments and equipment based on the Internet of Things LoRa technology + 125 kHz RFID technology. It can accurately and intuitively manage the operating status and storage location of the instrument and equipment. Through statistical analysis, we can further understand the frequency of use of the instrument and equipment. Compared with manual management, it greatly improves the management efficiency of instruments and equipment, and the overall investment cost is lower than the solution realized by pure RFID technology.


Lora technology, 125 kHz rfid low frequency wakeup, Device positioning, Rfid technology, Energy measurement