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Research on Evaluation System of Tourist Satisfaction in Scenic Spots Based on Tourists' Experience Needs

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.110


Bing Xin

Corresponding Author

Bing Xin


Facing the current international and domestic tourism situation, to survive and develop the scenic spots, it is necessary to continuously improve and improve the quality of the scenic spots in order to satisfy tourists, otherwise it will be difficult to obtain sufficient economic benefits to support the heritage protection and resource development of the scenic spots. Stable large-scale tourist flow is the lifeline of commercial tourist attractions, and tourist satisfaction is the fundamental driving force of tourist flow. The remoteness, invisibility and synchronization of production and consumption of tourism products make information very important in tourism. In the increasingly fierce market competition, there will be no stable flow of large-scale tourists without satisfied tourists, and there will be no core competitiveness of operating tourist attractions. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the study of tourist satisfaction. Based on the analysis of tourists' experience needs, this paper combines the theoretical research and practical analysis of tourists' satisfaction with a view to providing ideas and methods for the research of tourist attractions' customer satisfaction.


Tourist attractions, Tourists' experience needs, Tourist satisfaction