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Study on the Intercultural Campus Communication Activities of International Students from Medical Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.105


Hang Dai

Corresponding Author

Hang Dai


With the continuous deepening and development of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” policy, the exchanges between China and the countries along the Silk Road becomes increasingly frequent, and the number of overseas students in China is rapidly increasing. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the education of overseas students, and provides great support of human and financial resources to ensure the good study and living conditions of overseas students in China. However, most universities focus on the development of subject construction and classroom teaching mode, and there is a lack of reflection on campus activities. Therefore, this paper selects the overseas students from medical colleges in Heilongjiang Province as the subject, carries out in-depth research on the current situation of the campus activities of overseas students from medical college in Heilongjiang Province through questionnaires and in-depth interviews, and makes quantitative and qualitative analysis on the relationship among overseas students, the participation in the campus activities and the intercultural adjustment, so as to provide a reference for overseas students to adapt to Chinese culture and further promote the development of education for overseas students in our province.


Medical college, International students, Intercultural activities