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Cultivation of Autonomous Learning Ability Based on Students' English Learning Needs

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.090


Ming Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ming Zhang


Education is a long-term task, while learning accompanies the whole process of one's growth. Modern educational concepts pay more and more attention to the quality education of students and the cultivation and development of students' comprehensive skills. Cultivating students' autonomous learning ability is not only the requirement of teaching reform, but also one of the important goals of teaching in contemporary college English. With the expansion of international exchanges, the acceleration of the pace of reform and opening up, and the establishment of a market economy system, society's demand for foreign language talents has become diversified. The existing English teaching ignores the cultivation of students' autonomous learning ability, which makes them passively cope with the classroom content in school, and their self-learning ability is poor, unable to cope with the higher social needs after graduation. This paper analyzes the main problems existing in the cultivation of College Students' autonomous learning ability in College English teaching from the perspective of English learning needs, and then puts forward some suggestive measures to improve students' autonomous learning ability.


Autonomous learning, Learning needs, English teaching