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Personalized Needs and Organizational Strategies of High-Level Swimming Training Based on Physical Fitness Training

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.086


Jianxia Yin, and Yun Gao

Corresponding Author

Jianxia Yin


With the development of human beings, the level of world swimming competition is continuously improving, the competition in sports is becoming more and fiercer, and the level of swimming training in various countries is also continuously improving. The training experience of high-level swimmers in the world shows that the training content and process of athletes in different periods and different regions follow some common training principles. At present, according to the training situation of swimmers in the world, there is still a lack of training according to individual characteristics in training guiding ideology, training contents, training methods and load arrangement. Modern physical training has the development trend of orienting the load content, programming the training for many years, individualizing the load measurement, improving the training efficiency and effectively controlling the number and intensity of competitions. Based on the definition of individualized training, this paper analyzes the individualized requirements of physical training, training load, training method and training process.


Swimming training, Swimmers, High level