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Research on Improving the Effect of Life-Oriented Teaching on Ideological and Political Education in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.085


Xiangyun Dong, and Yifan Li

Corresponding Author

Yifan Li


The era of mobile Internet is a brand-new era developed on the basis of mobile communication technology and Internet technology. Under this background, people can get the information and services they want to know anytime and anywhere through various mobile terminals, such as mobile phones and tablet computers. In the practice of facing the network society, we should learn to integrate theory with practice and apply traditional ideological and political education methods to the reality of the network age. At present, the ideological and political education in Colleges and universities is facing many challenges. The ideological and political education workers in Colleges and universities should be good at using the new education media, and strive to realize the life of education content and education mode, so as to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of Ideological and political education. The life of Ideological and political education of college students, advocating education to return to life, integrate into life, improve life, guide life, is an important way of Ideological and political education reform in the new era, but also the only way.


Ideological and political education, New media, Life-oriented