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Structural Function Theory Analysis on the Causes of Rural Decline and Governance Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.073


Qianwen Zhao, Yang Xu, Shunhong Zheng

Corresponding Author

Qianwen Zhao


In 2018, our country released the No.1 document on Rural revitalization Strategy, which sets out the overall requirements of thriving industries, livable ecology, civilized local customs, effective governance and prosperous life. It aims to revitalize rural areas in an all-round way and achieve strong agriculture, beautiful rural areas and rich farmers. Why does the country revitalize the countryside? The issue of rural decline has become a focal point. In order to discuss how rural areas should get out of decline from the macroscopic theoretical level, this paper analyzed the causes of rural decline from the perspective of structural function theory and constructed a rural governance structure with AGIL model.


Rural decline, Structural function theory, Agil model