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Investigation on the Use of Yi Language in Xichang

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.071


Jie Jue, Yi Hong

Corresponding Author

Jie Jue


Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is China’s largest Yi-inhabited area. There are more than 2.5 million Yi people, and a considerable number of Yi people still do not speak Chinese (including Mandarin Chinese and local Chinese dialects), they mainly use Yi language to communicate. With a registered population of 800,000, Xichang is the capital and also the political, economic and cultural center of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, and there are Yi people living in every town. In recent years, a large number of Yi farmers have poured into Xichang from rural areas, as a result, the proportion of unban citizens who speak Yi language has been changed. In order to have a further investigation on the use of Yi language in Xichang, in this article, questionnaires, field research, interviews and comprehensive analysis methods are involved, and places like state organizations, enterprises and institutions, schools, hospitals, factories, shopping centers, stores, and street stalls in Xichang are investigated to conduct a survey on the use of Yi language in political, economic and cultural fields, showing the use of Yi language in Xichang and the author’s thoughts.


Xichang, Yi language, Use, Survey