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Corpus-Based Translation of English-Chinese Dialects and Intercultural Interpretation

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.070


Wang Honghua, Qi Fang

Corresponding Author

Wang Honghua


The development of ancient Chinese sculpture has a very long history, and many famous masterpieces have been left in the process. These sculptures have a certain historical and cultural precipitation. Chinese traditional sculpture art and the times, religion, and politics the system and the rumoured culture at that time were relatively closely related. The ancient Chinese sculptures were extremely exquisite in craftsmanship, leaving many precious sculptures with high artistic attainments in China, which not only have high value and significance in China, and it has a certain status in the world. Through the sculpture works, the audience can feel the three-dimensional art, and can also read the ideas and concepts infused by the sculptor through various angles. Because sculpture itself can be well preserved and not easily affected by the outside world, it can also study the cultural characteristics and conditions of the era in which it was created, and further help discover the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese sculpture art.


Chinese traditional sculpture, Sculpture art, Characteristics, Inheritance system