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Corpus-Based Translation of English-Chinese Dialects and Intercultural Interpretation

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.070


Wang Honghua, Qi Fang

Corresponding Author

Wang Honghua


Dialects account for a considerable proportion in Chinese language and culture. The culture, connotation and various qualities contained in dialects are quite high. At the same time, dialect translation involves a lot of information transformation and screening, rather than a simple "equivalent exchange". In addition, in the process of translating English Chinese dialects, we must abide by the principle of cross-cultural interpretation, so as to ensure that the final translation results conform to the original meaning. Therefore, this paper studies English Chinese dialect translation and cross-cultural interpretation on the basis of corpus, and tries to explore English Chinese dialect translation from a new perspective as far as possible, so as to provide some theoretical basis for other scholars.


Corpus; English Chinese dialect translation; cross cultural interpretation