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Case Study on Early Intervention of Sub-Healthy Children Based on Pre-School Integrated Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.069


Yingcong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yingcong Zhang


Preschool education has become the development trend of world education, and special preschool education needs to provide services for children in the process of entering kindergarten. Preschool education Preschool children with special needs are cared for and educated together with normal children. Children with autism have serious deficiencies in social interaction, verbal communication and stereotypical behavior, and it will be a great challenge to integrate them into the general childcare institutions. This paper is mainly to understand the development status of preschool children, give full play to the development advantages, through the combination of individual and collective, through improving social skills, so as to achieve all-round development. Firstly, in the process of education development, the development status of preschool integrated education at home and abroad is summarized. Secondly, under the background of preschool integrated education at home and abroad, the early obstacles of sub-health children are manifested in the causes, purposes, forms and strategies of intervention. Thirdly, the success of preschool integrated education and the development and growth of children with special needs require the joint efforts and cooperation of parents, kindergartens, teachers and professionals. Fourth, government departments should attach importance to rehabilitation education for children with special needs. And put forward the problems and deficiencies in the research process.


Preschool integrated education, Children with special needs, Early intervention, Sub-health children