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Exploration of Sustainable and Livable City Construction: a Case Study of Chengdu

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.068


Zhenyu Zhuo, Yan Hu, Jiehuizi Wen

Corresponding Author

Jiehuizi Wen


In order to solve the problems raised by SDG11, this paper focuses on the new concept of urban construction and analyzes Chengdu’s construction progress and existing problems. We constructs a new evaluation index system and mathematical model. Different from previous studies, we started from the perspective of citizens, incorporated new development concepts, and innovatively constructed a more reasonable analysis model. Through research, we find that the road area, the number of traffic stations and the AQI index load are relatively high, reflecting the greater impact of TOD construction on urban livability. It can be seen that the development of TOD in medium and large cities can improve the level of sustainable development and livability of cities.


Livable city, Sustainable development, Urbanization, Tod, Chengdu city