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The Influence of Extracurricular Tutoring on Academic Performance: Based on Cfps Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.066


Yuan Zhang, Gang Wang

Corresponding Author

Gang Wang


With the continuous development and progress of China's social economy, shadow education gradually emerged and evolved in the past 20 years. The social debate on shadow education has never stopped. From the perspective of economics, we can use the input and output of shadow education to measure the advantages and disadvantages of students' participation in extra-curricular classes. Based on the data of 2014 Chinese Family Panel Studies (CFPS), this paper uses the multiple Logit regression model to analyze the impact of shadow education expenditure on academic performance. The results show that expenditure on shadow education has a significant positive impact on students' scores in mathematics and Chinese. The influence of shadow education expenditure on students' mathematics performance is more significant than that on Chinese.


Shadow education, Academic performance, Education investment