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The Research Background and Prospect of Chinese English Teachers' Scholarship of Teaching in Professional Learning Community

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.061


Jing Wu

Corresponding Author

Jing Wu


This article focuses on investigating the current status of Scholarship of Teaching (SoT) setting in PLC. The results show that the degree of the Chinese teacher PLC is closely related to its teaching and academic development. There are clustered outputs of SoT achievements in each PLC’s research field, indicating that each PLC’s SoT achievements are high. The SoT development of the Chinese English teachers in PLC is relatively rare now, the theoretical and empirical research has huge space for development, but at the same time it is faced with the constraints of traditional concepts and challenges, as it is a necessary prerequisite to build a sustained project in PLC for the development of SoT.


Plc, Chinese english teachers, Sot