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The Approaches to Cultivating Cross-Cultural Competence of Bachelors of Translation and Interpreting in the Chinese Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.054


Yanshi Liu

Corresponding Author

Yanshi Liu


The globalization indicates the more contacts with the people from different countries, the more chances people will have to communicate with each other. Along with the problems arising in communication, cross-cultural competence training is indeed needed for the research, to promote the understanding of different peoples. For the Chinese institutions of higher education in the new era, the guideline issued by the Ministry of Education has led the higher education to orient and adjust the aims of talents cultivation in some aspects. In order to promote the quality of BTI undergraduates, the rational methods analysis and inference will be used in the paper, to find the good ways to cultivate more qualified talents and solve the problem of lacking translation talents, so as to meet the demands of the society, even the international communities. This article attempts to give a definition of cross-cultural competence, that is, cross-cultural knowledge at the cognitive level, language accommodation at the functional level, creativity and initiative at the behavioral level, the moral sense of responsibility and speculative consciousness, and then discusses the approaches to cultivating cross-cultural competence of bachelors of translation and interpreting (BTI): optimizing the curriculum system and integrating China elements into the teaching content; from language skills training to the mastery of discourse mode, integrating Chinese and foreign languages, cultures and ideas; realizing cross-border integration of training methods and means. The approaches are suggested and recommended to enhance BTI undergraduates’ cross-cultural competence. Therefore, it is very significant for Chinese universities to deepen the teaching reform with cross-cultural competence as the core in cultivating high-quality BTI talents.


Cross-cultural competence, Curriculum system, Teaching mode, Cultivation approach