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A Study on Emily Dickinson’s Poems from Life Ethics Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.049


Jian Li

Corresponding Author

Jian Li


Emily Dickinson, one of the American pioneers of modern poems in the 20th century, laid a foundation for the development of American modernist poems. This thesis aims to analyze Emily Dickinson’s poems from the perspective of ethical value of life, and excavates the ethical value of life of Dickinson’s poems by means of modern people’s moral consciousness and ethical ideas. This paper deals with the research status of Dickinson’s poems; analyzes the life ethics embodied in her poems; discusses her poems come from the loneliness of her life; reflects the value of her poems in remodeling life ethics by exploring the open-minded death view, strong female consciousness and harmonious natural view embodied in her poems. Getting the conclusion that poems, which come from life, can perceive life with the ethical concept. Poems can reshape the morality of life and ethical ideas, to realize artistic value of life ethics. The artistic value of poems plays a positive role in construction of life ethics.


Emily dickinson, Poems, Life ethics