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A Study on the English Monophthong Pronunciation of Tibetan Lhasa Natives Based on Phonetic Parameters

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.047


Lei Guo, Guiyun Guan, Qian Zhou

Corresponding Author

Lei Guo


Based on previous studies and in accordance with relevant specifications, this paper divides, annotates, and extracts the collected English vowel speech signals of Tibetan Lhasa native speakers, and establishes an “English vowel speech acoustic parameter database”. Using the parameter database, a comparative experimental study was made on the pronunciation of English vowels in college students of native Lhasa dialects. Extract the formant and duration parameters corresponding to the 12 phonemes in the English language of college students in Lhasa dialect area, combine the standard pronunciation parameters of English foreign teachers to analyze the acoustics features of the vowel pronunciation in the Tibetan Lhasa dialect area, summarize the parameter features of tongue position and oral cavity changes when vowels are pronounced.


Vowels, Tibetan, Lhasa native speakers, formant, duration