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Experimental Design and Implementation of English Phonemic Categorical Perception

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.046


Lei Guo, Hao Yang, Hongjie Wang

Corresponding Author

Lei Guo


Based on the research results of traditional phonetics, this paper proposes a set of calculation parameters for speech perception categories including the calculation of recognition parameters, the calculation of distinguishing experimental results, and the degree of correspondence between recognition results and distinguishing results. Adopt perceptual methods to study the speech understanding and cognitive style of second language speech learners, and we introduce the latest methods and techniques of modern phonetics into the study of college students’ English phonetics. The experimental design not only proposes new methods for phonetic research, but also provides an effective reference for phonetic signal processing research and speech acoustics engineering research.


E-prime, Perception, Speech sample synthesis, English