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Influence of Semantic Factor on the Comprehension of Do/s Garden-Path Sentences

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.044


Wang Bo

Corresponding Author

Wang Bo


This thesis is a survey research which is set to investigate Chinese non-English majors’ comprehension of English DO/S garden-path sentences influenced by semantic factor. The author hypothesizes that semantic factors play an important part in affecting the chances that parsers achieve a full and complete reanalysis of the DO/S garden-path sentences. In order to examine this hypothesis, a survey is designed to investigate how semantic factors influence Chinese non-English majors’ interpretation of English DO/S garden-path sentences, aiming to help Chinese non-English majors understand such garden-path sentences effectively and improve their ability and efficiency of reading comprehension.


Do/s garden-path sentences, Semantic factors, Chinese non-english majors