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Study of the Promotion Strategy for the Practice Teaching System of Application-Oriented Acting Major

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.043


Lv Bo

Corresponding Author

Lv Bo


In order to continue to deepen and revitalize the construction of the old industrial base in northeast China, effectively promote social and economic development, and strengthen the supporting and replenishing role of talents in the field of culture and art industry, meanwhile, according to the relevant national, provincial and municipal policies and the actual needs of enterprises, industries and trades, the performance major of undergraduate institutions in Liaoning Province should, under the guidance of the policy of ‘transforming to application-oriented’, aimed at cultivating the application ability and innovation and entrepreneurship ability of performance professionals, constantly promote the reform of application-oriented talents training mode. At the same time, actively explore the mode of ‘industry-university cooperation’ in line with the orientation and development of the major, strengthen and promote the in-depth integrated development of cooperation between enterprises and industries, form the innovative mode of ‘four-in-one, four-level linkage’ practical teaching system, and constantly promote the transformation of performance major in local colleges and universities to the application-oriented pattern.


Application-oriented, Performance major, Practice teaching system, Promotion strategy