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Research on the Construction of Enterprise Economic Management Mode in E-Commerce Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.039


Guohui Li, Lifang Wang

Corresponding Author

Guohui Li


With the advent of e-commerce era, the global economic development has entered a new stage, which puts forward higher requirements for enterprise economic management. The change is not only the improvement of system and optimization of organization form, but also the transform of management attitude and sublimation of consciousness. The integration of information technology and establishment of e-commerce environment create new opportunities for enterprise development and redevelopment of management mode. However, there are also new challenges. How to correctly treat the positive impact of e-commerce on the development of enterprises is the key for entrepreneurs to reconstruct the economic management mode. Based on this, this paper studies the construction of enterprise economic management mode in the e-commerce environment.


Enterprise economic management, E-commerce, Mode construction