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The Corpus-Based Study of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.036


Hong Xu

Corresponding Author

Hong Xu


The rapid development of information technology has brought a diversified change of historical significance to the education sector, and the wide application of new technologies has promoted the rapid development of teaching. The flipped classroom teaching model is an emerging teaching model that relies on video technology and network technology. It originated in the United States and is highly sought after by educators and has a tendency to sweep the world. Nowadays, flipped classrooms have just emerged in our country. There are many shortcomings in both theoretical research and practice of flipped classrooms, let alone empirical discussions. Based on the current situation of English education in Chinese colleges and universities and the existing technical conditions, it is of great practical significance to explore a flipped classroom teaching model suitable for college English teaching in my country. This article mainly starts from the flipped classroom teaching mode, analyzes the feasibility of using flipped classroom teaching mode in college English teaching, and puts forward some suggestions for this aspect.


Flipped classroom, Teaching model, College english, Corpus-based study