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Research on College Teacher Training System Based on Learning Organization Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.029


Juan Dong, Jianhua Kong

Corresponding Author

Juan Dong


Knowledge is the source of social development, and learning is the foundation of social development. The development of society is essentially the update of knowledge and the enhancement of learning ability. How to create more value for the society in the 21st century, how to create tens of thousands of high-quality professional talents and a large number of highly sophisticated and innovative talents, the training of college teachers has become an important topic. Under the background that many enterprises have applied the learning organization theory to the success of enterprise employee training, the purpose of this article is to use the learning organization principle to design a new college teacher training model, so as to improve the college teacher training work to help teachers in China Better development of training. According to the characteristics of this article, the research methods of literature method, comparative analysis, combination of qualitative and quantitative, and factor analysis are adopted.


Learning organization theory, Training system, College teachers