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Analysis of the Causes of Emperor Rosefinch’s Timid Characters Based on the Perspective of Family Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.019


Wang Yi, Wu Lin

Corresponding Author

Wang Yi


If Genji was the light, Emperor Rosefinch would be the shadow behind the light. As the supporting actor with low appearances and existences, Emperor Rosefinch was not popular with many people but shows with the negative images of slouches and losers simultaneously. Hardships were paved on his way to love. Besides, his father’s thought for shifting the throne has threatened his status. After succeed to the throne, he is only a puppet living under the power of noble relatives and he has to abdicate due to Event of Xumo eventually. His timid characteristic was caused by his father’s ignorance, mother’s strict discipline and a menial attitude towards love, and younger brother’s glamour, which dooms his life was full of tragedies and broken dreams. It has close connection to the family education that he has got since he was young. Thus, knowing the influence of family education to Emperor Rosefinch has deep effects for seizing his image and special literary value in the Tale of Genji.


Emperor rosefinch, The tale of genji, Characteristic, Family education