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Scientific Management of Security in Colleges and Universities Based on the Development of the Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.012


Yougang Yao, Linling Zou, Hongke Shen

Corresponding Author

Yougang Yao


The development of society and the advancement of science and technology have officially entered a new era of the Internet. The development of the Internet era has directly brought good development opportunities for the security work of colleges and universities, but at the same time it is also facing brand-new challenges. Because of the massive amount of information carried by the Internet, it will inevitably have a strong impact on the traditional security and defense models of universities in the past. In this situation, how to promote the better implementation of security and security work in universities has directly become a problem faced by most universities today. problem. This article analyzes the development of security work in colleges and universities in the Internet age, and does not briefly discuss it for reference. In this situation, the security work of colleges and universities has also begun to be penetrated by the network, which directly provides extremely favorable conditions for the development of its security work, and also introduces brand-new requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the concept innovation and knowledge innovation of security work as much as possible, and actively develop the network as the main channel for the security work of colleges and universities.


Internet age, Colleges and universities, Security work