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Study on the Differences of Spanish Language from the Perspective of the Belt and Road

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DOI: 10.25236/icembe.2020.006


Shengting Yan

Corresponding Author

Shengting Yan


Spanish is the official language of most countries in Spain and Latin America. The Spanish in Latin America was brought by Spanish colonists in the 15th century. It has experienced hundreds of years of development. In its long-term development and changes, it has developed in harmony with the local history, region, and cultural customs of Latin America. At the same time, influenced by foreign culture and the rapid development of science and technology, there are different degrees of differences in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in Spanish between the two places. In terms of phonetic differences, I listed several changes in the pronunciation of consonants, and thought that this may be related to the more enthusiastic and unrestrained personality of Latin Americans; in terms of grammar, I listed the development and changes of commonly used “you; you; you”, and then Lists the development and changes of verbs, and then lists the development and changes in the use of tense and tone; in terms of vocabulary, it is considered that the difference in vocabulary use between the two places is a major factor in our integration into Spain and Latin America. obstacle. The article finally concludes: Latin American Spanish and Spanish Spanish have significant or subtle differences in pronunciation, use of personal pronouns, grammar and vocabulary, and there are multiple reasons for this.


The belt and road, Spanish language, Language difference