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Research on the Securities Issuance Supervision Path Based on the Securities Issuance Related Legal System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.065


Jia Minhui

Corresponding Author

Jia Minhui


Although there has been a long-standing call for regulatory reform to replace “approval system” with “registration system”. However, the theoretical circles and the supervisory authorities do not have the same understanding of the reform of China's securities issuance system, and there is a lack of discussion on the specific content of the securities issuance supervision path in the process of research on institutional reform. Therefore, from the perspective of economic law, taking the securities supervision chain as a clue, this article comprehensively analyses the legal relationship arising in the process of the country's coordination of the domestic securities issuance market and proposes corresponding legislative reform proposals in conjunction with laws and regulations.


Securities issuance, system reform, legal system