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Research on Bilingual Teaching of Professional Courses for Civil Aviation Flight Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.056


Xiujuan Liu, Chunguang Wang, Yu Wang, Zhouyang Mao

Corresponding Author

Xiujuan Liu


The "Flight Principles" course is one of the most important core professional courses in the aviation theory education of flight students. How to improve the teaching quality and effect of the flight principle course is an important issue in the pilot training process. In the era of economic globalization, how to improve the English listening and speaking ability of pilots is a serious issue. In order to improve the English comprehensive ability of civil aviation flight students, this paper analyzes the importance and feasibility of bilingual teaching, and discusses the key aspects of implementing bilingual teaching in the flight principle course and several problems that should be grasped.


Civil aviation, Flight cadets, Flight principles, Bilingual Teaching