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Research on Longitudinal Stiffness Modeling of Contact Metro Obstacle Detection Device

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.086


QIAN Ru, LI Yongmei, ZHANG Weifen

Corresponding Author



Due to the non-linear stiffness of the contact Metro obstacle detection device, the research of structural mechanical properties and the theory of calculation model are not perfect. The working principle of the detection device was studied, the longitudinal stiffness of the whole structure is calculated by the load-maximum deformation equivalent of the special-shaped plate spring, the influence of assembly connection between parts in current calculation and analysis was evaded, so a new method for calculating the longitudinal load deformation of the device is provided. The results show that before the deformation of the spring is not obvious, the load deformation law based on the equivalent model is consistent with the experimental results, and the maximum error is less than 10%. So the equivalent modeling method of the longitudinal stiffness of the detection device has good feasibility and accuracy, and can meet the engineering needs.


Stiffness, Equivalent Modeling, Special-shaped Plate Spring, Contact Obstacle Detection Device