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Preparation and Properties of LiFePO4 /C Cathode Material by the Sol-gel Method

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.077


Shuang Zhang, Minghua Chen, Mingwu TU

Corresponding Author

Minghua Chen


The nanosized cathode material LiFePO4/C composites were prepared through the sol-gel method using C6H8O7•H2O as the carbon source. Meanwhile, the effect of sintering temperature on the structure and property of LiFePO4/C was investigated. It was found that the LiFePO4/C sample had only LiFePO4 phase when the sintering temperature ranging from 600 to 750 oC. When the sintering temperature was 700 oC, the corresponding electrode exhibited the best electrochemical performance. The initial discharge capacity of LiFePO4/C reached 153.1 mAh•g-1 at 0.1 C, and retained 114.2 mAh•g-1 at 5 C between 2.5 and 4.2 V, and this capacity almost preserved after 20 cycles


LiFePO4, Sol-gel method, carbon-coated, sintering temperature