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Modeling and Analysis of Missile Hitting Target in Dense Array Weapon System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.072


Jing Li, Junwei Lei, Heng Li, and Ruiqi Wang

Corresponding Author

Jing Li


The method of judging the target hit of the "dense array" projectile in the process of "dense array" firing simulation was studied. By studying the necessary conditions of hitting, the judgment process is limited to a small range near the target. By establishing the target equivalent body to simplify the shape of the target, the motion of the "dense array" projectile and the target in the ground coordinate system is transformed into the relative motion of the projectile in the projectile body coordinate system by using the kinematics principle, and the corresponding motion equation is established. By calculating the trajectory of the projectile, the hitting information is obtained, which makes the calculation amount enormous. The process of reduction and judgment is independent and suitable to be realized by MATLAB on computer. In addition to the hitting coordinates, the judgment method also gives the angle, which provides conditions for the judgment of hitting effectiveness


Dense Array, Simulation, Weapon system, Control system, Hitting target