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Modeling and Analysis of a Dense Array Weapon System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.071


Ruiqi Wang, Gang Liu, Lingdong Zeng, Junwei Lei, and Jing Li

Corresponding Author

Ruiqi Wang


The interception of anti-ship missiles is modeled mainly for the "dense array" system. Generally, in the process of penetrating the carrier formation of anti-ship missiles, the anti-ship missiles will be attacked jointly by various firepower of the formation, especially in the short-range defense area, the target ship formation will adopt the joint attack of the near-defense missiles and the "dense array". The research focuses on the defense of anti-ship missile by a single dense array, so only the position relationship between a single dense array and an anti-ship missile is studied.


Modeling, Simulation, Weapon system, Control system, Dense Array