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Modeling and Analysis of Standard- 2 Missile Intercepting Flat Flying Target

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2020.070


Jian Shen, Heng Li, Ruiqi Wang, Junwei Lei, and Jing Li

Corresponding Author

Jian Shen


Firstly, the characteristics of attacking and defending targets in air defense operations are introduced. The model of fire control system and launch zone of ship-to-air missile is described mathematically. The movement analysis of anti-ship missile and ship-to-air missile, the mathematical model of kill zone and launch zone time of missile are established. Finally, the attack and defense models of anti-ship missiles under horizontal flight and dive are established, including anti-ship missile model and standard-2 missile control model. By establishing a mathematical model, we can describe the movement of attack and defense targets with scientific means, and provide a basis for the compilation of simulation programs.


Flat flying, Simulation, Standard-2, Control system, Target