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Correlation between Cancer Incidence and Regional Environmental Characteristics Based on Statistical Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.027


Jianqin Sun, Yuhan Li

Corresponding Author

Jianqin Sun


In recent years, the emergence of "cancer villages" has attracted wide attention from scholars. Then, is there a definite correlation between cancer incidence and regional distribution? Based on the data in the 2017 annual report of tumor registration, this paper made an in-depth study of the influencing factors of cancer incidence through clustering analysis, and found that the municipal cancer incidence areas could be divided into four categories, and proved that cancer incidence and mortality were correlated with the regions. In addition, this paper further was needing to examine the relationship between various regional factors and cancer incidence. In this paper, OR indicated that water quality factors (ammonia nitrogen emission) were significantly corelated with cancer incidence. Through multiple regression analysis and interpolation fitting, the paper concluded that the regional emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions, industrial smoke (dust) emissions and the incidence of cancer between the weak correlation.


Environment and Cancer Incidence, Cluster Analysis, Odds Ratio, Interpolation and Fitting, The Fuzzy Set