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Study on Lung Protection during General Thoracic Surgery

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.016


Linzhu Yang

Corresponding Author

Linzhu Yang


Lung protection has two concepts, broad and narrow. Narrow lung protection refers to the protection of donor lungs during lung transplantation or cardiopulmonary transplantation, so that it can still exert normal lung function after transplantation in the recipient. Generalized lung protection is the active prevention and treatment of lung injury caused by various reasons and impending, in order to maintain the patient's lung function and promote early recovery. Perioperative lung protection during surgery belongs to the category of broad lung protection. The lung is the only organ in the body that receives all cardiac output, and it is also a giant filter that the whole body venous blood must pass through. At the same time, the lung is also an open organ. This makes the lungs susceptible to damage from endogenous and exogenous harmful factors. Preoperative risk factors, surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusion, cardiopulmonary bypass, and other medical measures can cause certain damage to the lungs during the perioperative period. Various comorbidities of the lungs during the perioperative period occur. Threatening the safety of patients' lives. Therefore, perioperative lung protection measures are very important to prevent and treat perioperative pulmonary complications, which is a powerful guarantee for rapid recovery of surgical patients


General thoracic surgery, Lung protection, Surgery risk